Brighton Letterpress Print

An illuminated letterpress print describing the cultural highlights of the British seaside town of Brighton

To capture the culture and spirit of Brighton I created a letterpress print that focusses on the arts and entertainment scene of the seaside city. The print charts the town’s rapid development as a cultural destination and describes its many attractions and events.
Printed from a set of three large zinc plates, the print show some natural alignment imperfections.
Limited edition of 100 prints. 640 x 425mm. 
Body typeface: Sentinel by Hoefler & Co.
Paper: Zerkall 902 rough, 225 gsm 
The various illustration references are:
B: Brighton Pier signage
R: Lettering from the iconic Golden Gallopers carousel
I: A list of the historical names and nicknames for Brighton
G: Illustrating the city’s vibrant music scene
H: Representing its Regency style architecture
T: The Sea front, pier and vespa scooters!
O: The Royal Pavilion architecture
N: Colophon, featuring Gill Sans. Eric Gill was born in Brighton.
Thanks for taking a look.
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