Brim Combined packs all of the character of the popular layered typeface, Brim Narrow, into three eye-catching font styles.
Brim is available free on Typekit with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription or currently 50% off at MyFonts.

The family consists of three display styles:

• Combined 1 features Brim’s elegant, handmade line work
• Combined 2 includes a drop shade with an outline
• Combined 3 has an offset shade and a reversed-out face
Inspired by antique wood type from the 1800s, Brim is warm and tactile. Its innovative styles produce both striking headlines and sophisticated titles, making it perfect for use in posters, packaging and logotypes. Brim Combined makes it even easier to achieve punchy headlines on the web. This flattened version of Brim does not require professional design software to use and is compatible with Microsoft Word. 
Brim is an all-caps typeface with Western European, Central European and South Eastern European language support.
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