Ghost Stories: Award winning illustration

Illustrative type for the prestigious Folio Society and House of Illustration book illustration competition, 2015. The submission requirement was to produce a cover design and images depicting three of the short stories in the forthcoming book, ‘The Folio Collection of Ghost Stories’.

I took the opportunity to experiment with a few lettering styles and blending lettering and illustration in various ways. 
I was shortlisted as a runner-up from around 400 entries.

Cover Design: White, black and silver on cloth cover
T: The Treasure of Abbot Thomas
The tentacled guardian that awaits behind the stone cross with seven eyes. “I believe I am now acquainted with the extremity of terror and repulsion which a man can endure without loosing his mind.” Small text: Banshee.
J: A Tale of an Empty House ​​​​​​​
While exploring "bird haunted" marshlands, two friends take refuge from a storm in the spooky house. The plants (stylised Sea Lavender) and various birds based on those mentioned in the text. Small text: Meridien. “…just as we reached the spit of land on which the house stood, a jagged sword of lightning flickered down…
105: The Upper Berth​​​​​​​
The ghostly ship’s porthole in cabin 105 that is repeatedly opened by the undead horror in the upper berth. “I was roused by a draught of cold air, and by distinctly feeling the spray of the sea blown upon my face.”
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